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The organization takes initiative by the Order of the Ministers of the Sick (Camillians) on the shores of Lake Victoria in Karungu, Kenya. The organization includes the missionary hospital St. Camillus and the St. Camillus Center for Orphans of Dala Kiye. The … Continue reading



World AIDS Day 2007


For the year 2007 St. Camillus Mission has adopted the world AIDS campaign’s theme “Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise – Leadership”. This is an appeal to governments and policy makers to ensure they meet the targets they have agreed to in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The governments of 189 member countries of UN signed a Declaration of commitment in June 2001 to take action on HIV and AIDS in the fields of leadership, prevention, care and support, treatment, reducing vulnerability, and human rights.

The 2007 theme, “Leadership”, highlights the need for innovation, vision and perseverance in the face of the AIDS challenge. The campaign calls on all sectors of society such as families, communities and civil society organizations – rather than just governments – to take the initiative and provide leadership on AIDS. The following were the objectives and results set forth for marking WAD 2007

Broad Objective

To contribute to the work towards an AIDS – free world

Specific objectives

  • Raise awareness on HIV and AIDS in Nyatike community
  • Making and selling red ribbons, wear red ribbons and ask others to do the same in expressing solidarity with those already infected and affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Sign up as a supporter of the Stop AIDS campaign in Nyatike community
  • Protect oneself and your partner – this is the first and the best way to stop the spread of HIV
  • Provide an opportunity for free HIV test
  • Organizing a creative writing campaign on HIV and AIDS
  • Arranging a sponsored bicycle riding race
  • Getting friends, family, colleagues, community members or children to express their feelings and expand their knowledge about AIDS
  • Setting up a debate and a quiz for the youths and couples or other groups separately

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