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The organization takes initiative by the Order of the Ministers of the Sick (Camillians) on the shores of Lake Victoria in Karungu, Kenya. The organization includes the missionary hospital St. Camillus and the St. Camillus Center for Orphans of Dala Kiye. The … Continue reading



Newsletter // May 2012

Dear friends,

Receive our greetings from Karungu. Once again we have the pleasure of updating you on the happenings at the centre through our monthly newsletter, ‘Milome’ this being the May 2012 edition. I would also like to inform you that there is a change in our contact person in U.S.A and so, for those of our friends in America who are willing to send their donations, you can do that through our new contact person, Anita Turano. For full contact details, refer to our HOW TO HELP page in this newsletter under the U.S.A section.

Thank you and be blessed.
Fr. Emilio.

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