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The organization takes initiative by the Order of the Ministers of the Sick (Camillians) on the shores of Lake Victoria in Karungu, Kenya. The organization includes the missionary hospital St. Camillus and the St. Camillus Center for Orphans of Dala Kiye. The … Continue reading



Nyamanga Disii Primary School was incepted in the year 1972 by the initiative of the Community/PEFA Church due to the growing number of school-going children and distance from the nearest schools namely Gunga,Rabuor Karungu and God Oloo (in Gwassi) Primary Schools.

They started with a two roomed mud thatched structure with one teacher and a church volunteer as teachers.

Due to this geographical position along the lake shore and between two beaches, the child population increased thus causing demand for staffing and Infrastructure which the community tried to meet. With the introduction and Implementation of Free Primary Education, some of the demands were met. However, staffing, poverty, sickness (Health), Orphanhood, among others remained and are still problems to fight against, not forgetting infrastructure.

Considering its location between two beaches where fishing is the major occupation, the business community has a big impact on the child population which is at times change due to their periodical movement from beach to beach with their families (small percentage). In fact the child population has also been maintained by the steady/Improving learning standards, especially in National exams, condusive learning atmosphere and more so since the intervention by the Intervita – We World Onlus. With their Socio – economic empowerment to address issues/needs of the OVC/ HIV/AIDS affected households. Indeed, with their intervention, the school enrolment has been steadily increasing (between 345 – 360 in Primary section and 96 –106 in ECD) despite some fluctuation periodically due to movement of some business community members.

Presently the school/community has benefited a lot from the We World programme since the school was identified. In Health sector, the Organization has provided the school with 2 latrines (with three pits each), Hand washing materials, Nets, Sanitary towels to girls, Rubbish collection container, treatment of the OVC in the programme, lessons on nutrition and hygiene to pupils, organizing peer group training and participation in World Health Celebrations.

Besides these,theres an Impact on learning/teaching – provision of text books, construction of two ECD classrooms, provision of desks, uniforms and birth certificate to the OVCs, provision of learning /teaching materials for ECD.Alongside that, teachers and BOM have undergone In-service trainings and seminars on various aspects aimed at creating positive attitudinal changes using Life Skill approaches.

Out of all these and others, the school/community has moved ahead because of the development initiatives by the ‘We World’ and wish they continue addressing other remaining issues as deemed by the school – more latrines and fencing – as for this school.

Before the construction of the ECDE block the children were taking their studies in one congested classroom. With additional two classrooms, the learners now have sufficient learning space.

The construction cost was Ksh. 2,648,451 and was completed in October 2016.

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