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The organization takes initiative by the Order of the Ministers of the Sick (Camillians) on the shores of Lake Victoria in Karungu, Kenya. The organization includes the missionary hospital St. Camillus and the St. Camillus Center for Orphans of Dala Kiye. The … Continue reading


Good Samaritan

bimbo samaritano

The missionary hospital “ St.Camillus M.Hospital” is located in a rural area in Kenya along Lake Victoria, the catchments area of about 300,000 with most of the occupants’ poor. The diseases, which are prevalent in the tropical zone, are malnutrition, malaria, tuberculosis, parasitoids and AIDS. There are also the diseases of the rich country like cancer. Medical assistance/care is offered at a cheaper rate and the patients have to pay the cost of transfusion, surgery/operation, and medicines, all at cost price or controlled price. The purchase or substitution of sanitary equipment, the up keep and improvement of the hospital, will be possible only with the help of organizations and not local benefactor. The expenses of the staff will be largely reduced by the presence of religious and voluntaries.

Most of the donations will cover the expected deficit of ordinary management. If the providence will help us, we will be to maintain the sanitary rate of the hospital compatible with the economic and social situation of the local people. There will be always people who will find the rates too expensive.

Let’s think of the 4000 orphans and the 800 widows of Karungu who have serious problems paying for the treatment; and the old who have no source of income. The hospital is sensitive to this situation and will do everything possible to help these people, reducing or nullifying all what they have to pay. However, we ask ourselves: with the continuous help, wouldn’t it be negative for the hospital to compromise the delicate economic situation and to oblige ourselves to increase the rates?

For this reason, we do propose to everyone: DISTANCE ADOPTION in the moment of need, anonymous and evangelical like the action of the GOOD SAMARITAN. Your help substance fund available for all people who are in need: give us the possibility to help on your behalf, all the poor.

How expensive is the adoption economically?

  • Hospital charge per day: 8 € (euro)
  • Hospital charge per day with intensive terapy: 13 € (euro)
  • Surgical charge: 52 € (euro) – 78 € (euro)
  • The charge for 2 months for a tubercolosis patient: 285 € (euro)
  • ARV therapy: 35 € (euro) per month

The period of adoption can be short or long, for one or more patients.
There will be an annual report of people who have been helped and we shall send to all who have supported this project.


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