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L’organizzazione prende iniziativa dalla missione dell’Ordine dei Camilliani sulle sponde del lago Vittoria nella divisione di Karungu in Kenya. Comprende l’ospedale missionario San Camillo e il Centro per Orfani San Camillo Dala Kiye. L’ospedale missionario San Camillo è stato fondato … Continua a leggere


(English) World AIDS Day 2008



For the year 2008 St. Camillus Mission adopted the world AIDS campaign’s theme “Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise.” This theme is also shared with other stakeholders in Karungu
division and therefore not specific to World AIDS Day alone. “Keep the Promise” as a theme clearly demonstrates an appeal to governments and policy makers to ensure that
they meet the targets they have agreed to in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The governments of 189 member countries of the UN signed a declaration of commitment in
June 2001 to take action on HIV and AIDS in the fields of leadership, prevention, care and support, treatment, reducing vulnerability, and human rights. The following were the objectives and results set forth for marking WAD 2008


To make the world an AIDS free zone.

Expected results

  • Increased level of awareness on HIV/AIDS among the local community members. The local community members comprise of the residents of Karungu, Kadem, Muhuru and Gwassi.
  • Positive behavior change among the community members.
  • Enhanced prevention, care and support to the youth in the community
  • Empowered community members to be able to fight prejudices including stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS in the community.
  • Leadership and community networking perfected in order to reach the most vulnerable groups.

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