Good Samaritan

The St. Camillus Mission Hospital is located in a rural area of Kenya on Lake Victoria, with a catchment area of about 300,000 people, mostly poor. Diseases are predominantly those common in tropical areas: malnutrition, malaria, parasitic forms, tuberculosis and AIDS. There is also no shortage of ‘rich’ diseases, such as cancer.

Medical assistance is offered at minimum rates, and the patient is charged for transfusion, surgery, medicine, all at cost or political price.

The purchase or replacement of sanitary equipment, maintenance and improvements of the structure, will be possible only with the help of organizations and non-local individuals.

The cost of personnel will be partly contained by the presence of religious or volunteers.
A large part of the offers will cover the planned ordinary operating deficit.

If providence helps us, we will be able to maintain hospital rates compatible with the economic and social situation of the local population. However, there will be people for whom our rates will be too expensive.

Just think of the 4,000 orphans and 800 widows in the Karungu area who have serious problems in paying for any treatment; not to mention the elderly, who have nothing to support themselves.

The hospital wants to be sensitive to these situations and will do everything to help these people, reducing or cancelling what they should pay.
However, we wonder: the frequency of such aid will not return to the detriment of the hospital itself, compromising the already delicate economic situation and forcing us to increase all tariffs ?

Hence our proposal addressed to all of you: DISTANCE SUPPORT in times of need, anonymous and evangelical as the actions of the GOOD SAMARITAN.

Your help supports a fund available to people in need: give us the opportunity to help – on your behalf – those who cannot.

How much do these adoptions cost?

  • A day in hospital with therapy and food: 8 € (euro)
  • One day in intensive care: 13 € (euro)
  • Cost of surgery: 52 € (euro) – 78 € (euro)
  • A cycle of hospitalization and treatment of about 2 months for a tuberculosis patient: 285 € (euro)
  • Anti-retroviral therapy: 35 € (euro) per month

The adoption periods can be short or long, addressed to one or more patients.
A report of how many people have been helped will be drawn up annually.