St. Camillus Mission Hospital


This is a non-profit missionary hospital run by Camillian Religious (Ministers of the Sick) in the Diocese of Homa-Bay.

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Informative Background

The San Camillo missionary hospital was founded in 1997 by the religious congregation of the Ministers of the Sick (Camillians) to assist the sick, poor and disadvantaged of Kenya. The institute is located on the southern shores of Lake Victoria, in Karungu, Migori Province, Nyanza Region. The hospital has both religious and lay staff engaged in the ministry of helping those in need; it arises, in fact, among people who really need health care and services. The area is highly affected by AIDS, many people have been directly contaminated by the virus, others are paying the consequences indirectly. The hospital’s goal is to show ardent love for the sick, at the risk of their own lives, testifying it both in words and in deeds.

Our vision

We imagine a healthy society where the marginalized, i.e. the sick, the poor, the widows, the aged, orphans and people affected by AIDS, directly or indirectly, are recognized, healed and enabled to be relieved of their pains and sufferings. Our vision implies an effort to promote access to quality healthcare services and to encourage, in the community, an improvement in the behaviors necessary for maintaining health and for a dignified life.

Our Mission

As Camillians, we put the person at the center of our daily work. All men are children of God, therefore the dignity of every single individual is an inalienable value, as is the right to life and health. At the San Camillo hospital we are committed day after day to responding to the needs of the sick, especially the neediest. Our mission is to bear witness to the gratuitousness of love towards those who suffer, offering them attention, solidarity and hope, as well as adequate medical treatment. Aids patients are welcomed and cared for by competent and motivated people who work to soothe their pain and to fight the discrimination they suffer within the community. We place ourselves at the service of the least, as commanded by Jesus Christ, without distinction of sex, age, ethnicity and religion, because everyone is entitled to our respect and our dedication. Following the teachings of our founder, St. Camillus de Lellis, we do our utmost every day to “put more heart into our hands.”

Health Advisory Board

This is a committee that proposes health information programs in partnership with the community hospital.


HOPE & LIFE: it is a group of people living with the HIV virus. It began its activity in May 2003 together with some members of the St. Camillus Hospital. The purpose of the group is to create and support people living with HIV/AIDS with home support.

AWAKE: is a group of people working together to prevent and control HIV/AIDS along the shores of Lake Victoria. The activity began in May 2003 in the St. Camillus hospital and promotes knowledge of this disease thus improving the quality of life.

VCT CENTRE: the voluntary AIDS testing center opens to the public in January 2006 with the aim of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS by educating individuals and couples about the risks of the disease, developing a reduction strategy through HIV testing .

The History


  • St Camillus M. Hospital project was started when the Camillian community moved to Karungu and bought land at Rabuor village with the intention to build a Health Institution.
  • While the excavation of the foundation trenches for stores, workshop and religious houses were started, a small dispensary was opened at Kiranda Mission.


  • The stores, workshop and religious house became completed in this year.
  • The General Superior Very Rev. Fr. Angelo Brusco did the blessing and opening the religious house on 1st May.
  • The excavation job of the Hospital started and Most Rev. Bishop of Homa-Bay Diocese Linus Okok blessed the foundation in December.


  • The foundation of an 8 flat storey house for staff started in January.


  • In February the Dispensary was moved from Kiranda Mission to the newly finished staff house. The construction of a flat for Doctors and volunteers’ started.
  • The construction of two apartments for doctors and volunteers begins


  • The job for the Isolation complex wards resumed. On 14 July was done a partial opening of the Hospital building, which composed of O.P.D. Department, Pharmacy, Laboratory and 25 beds as a general ward.
  • Dr. Lawrence Ayoo Oteng’ began his professional career at the St. Camillus Mission Hospital
  • The administration offices, laundry and sewing room were completed while Paediatric ward and some other rooms for patients were opened.
  • Due to an outbreak of cholera, we opted to use the X-ray Department area as a small temporary Isolation ward, in this way the bed capacity reached 75.


  • At the beginning of the year, the operating block is over; now any surgery can be performed
  • Children’s welfare and Antenatal Clinic, as well as the Ultra-sound and E.C.G services became launched.
  • On 29th May, His Excellency Mons Giovanni Tonnuci, Apostle Nuncio in Kenya inaugurated the Hospital and the District Commissioner Mr. Kirui did the official opening.
  • A new 8 flat staff storey house was started as well as the main road crossing the hospital compound.
  • The main road through the hospital grounds from the main entrance to the religious area is under construction
  • A new electric generator was installed to raise the available electric power


  • Solar panels to ensure regular hot water for patients and employees are installed. The National Hospital Insurance Fund (N. H. I. F.) has accredited our hospital
  • The Solar panel for supply of hot water regularly to the patients and staff was installed. On the other hand the National Hospital Insurance Fund (N. H. I. F.) Board approved our Hospital.
  • The TV Network from Italy, TMC and TeleSpace film presented Programmes of the Hospital.


  • Completion of the new medical ward with necessary facilities in the rooms. The building was financed by Manos Unidas (Spain).
  • The installation of security lights and flowers planted a long side the avenue.
  • Also the inauguration of the new medical ward by the General Father accompanied by all the Camillian Provincial Superiors all over the world in the occasion of their meeting in Kenya. The installation of the statue of Saint Camillus; to bless the sick here in the hospital. The construction of a new 4 staff flat has been started.
  • The building of the new 4 flat houses has been completed to accommodate staff.


  • Another 4 flat staff houses building project is started.
  • The construction of the Hospital mortuary and clinic is going on at a good level.
  • In July the 25th anniversary of the presence of the Camillian community in Kenya was celebrated


  • The 4 Staff flat is finished. As well as a new building where we accommodate Dentist, Orthoptist, Pastoral and counsellors, Clinics, Hope & Life and Awake group.
  • The construction of the clinics has been completed and the prevention and vaccination program is operating there
  • The dental and eye care services are active with doctors Alberto Leone (dentist) and Stefania Basile (orthoptist)
  • The counseling service is active at the hospital for patients who request it. American social worker Sherry Stiles has trained the counselors who serve at the hospital
  • In January our Mortuary with cold rooms becomes operational. A new entry gate to the mortuary as well opened.
  • The roads inside the mission linking Medical 2 and the clinics with the central body have been completed


  • In January our Mortuary with cold rooms becomes operational. A new entry gate to the mortuary as well opened.
  • In April the PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) started operating.
  • In May the twins project: Hope and Life  (PLWHA) Awake groups for prevention and control of HIV/AIDS offices start to work with six members staff.
  • Improvement of laboratory with new Haematology analyzer (Beckman Coulter) machine.


  • Construction of 10 watchmen houses is completed in the staff quarters.
  • Laboratory if furnished with a CD4 FACSCOUNT SYSTEM machine for HIV/AIDS patients ARV distribution project funded by US government through CRSC begins to operate in the hospital in August


  • Cement pavement outside the main hospital building Cover the roof of the last section of clinic building


  • Completion of building for ART, VCT building


  • Completion and equipping of the Physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit
  • The hospital was equipped with a new sterilising machine.


  • Construction of the new Maternity wing and delivery room with the contribution of Italian Government (MAE)


  • Continued construction of the Maternity wing and delivery room with contribution of Italian Government.


maternity ward
Maternity Ward
  • Completion and official opening of the maternity wing, delivery room and theatre


  • Cashiers office and OPD moved to more spacious rooms
  • Dental unit is furnished with a new dental chair
  • The theatre was furnished with a dermatome blade for skin grafting
  • The radiography department is furnished with a new ultrasound machine
  • The hospital gets a new generator


  • Laboratory was furnished with an electronic weighing balance, a roller mixer, an Autoclave machine and a urine strip reader
  • Our Theatre/Maternity was furnished with 2 incubators
  • The X-ray department was furnished with a new X-ray processing machine


  • The Ultrasound unit was furnished with cardiologic probes for diagnosing heart conditions in patients


  • The Hospital theatre was equipped with a new sterilizer machine
  • The Hospital installed a 40Kw battery Bank to reduce energy dependence and running costs of the Generator power. The System provides power to all lights from 7pm to 6 am, thus eliminating use of the Generator at this time thus providing sufficient power for night time use and for Office equipment and some critical medical equipment


  • In June a new machine, Chemistry Analyzer for hematology tests was purchased for the Hospital laboratory
  • 5 New computers and a photocopier for the Administrative offices were purchased


  • For the laboratory, the following items were purchased. New Dry Chemistry analyser machine (Fuji Dri-chem NX 500i), Water distiller and Microscope
  • New Delivery bed for the delivery ward and assorted surgical instruments for theatre
  • 2 new sewing machines for our laundry


  • St Camillus Mission Hospital Laboratory was enrolled for accreditation on 24/08/2015 by the Global Implementation Solution (GIS) through CDC laboratory strengthening program. After 2 years of progressive work, our laboratory was awarded a 2 star accreditation on 1st September 2017


  • Physiotherapy department was opened and various new equipment bought in an effort to upgrade on service delivery to our patients
  • The hospital completed the solar photovoltaic system which was aimed at reducing energy costs


  • The Radiology department was furnished with a digital X-ray machine
  • Our theatre has been equipped with new operating lights
  • The maternity ward got a new Resuscitaire for new-born children and a portable examination lamp


  • In February, an eye clinic was officially opened in our hospital
  • A new microscope and HB machine was purchased for the laboratory
  • The theatre is equipped with an autoclave
  • The physiotherapy department was upgraded with assorted wellness gadgets
  • 2 wheelchairs purchased for general hospital use
  • In June, the new water pump destroyed by the increase in lake water levels was replaced
  • The installation of the solar panel system was completed at the novitiate, our religious and guest houses, and at the hospital theatre


  • In July, the hospital opened a dispensary at SUKARI INDUSTRIES LTD in Ndhiwa Sub- County, Homabay county
  • The hospital, through Onlus, was able to acquire the following items:
    • Suction machines for the theatre and wards
    • The hospital kitchen was furnished with a gas cooker, firewood jiko and a food trolley
    • The administration office got a new printer and duplicator machine for bulk printing
    • The radiology department got a new UPS for the ultrasound machine