Love and compassion for children in need

A mission of the Order of Camillians on the shores of Lake Victoria in the division of Karungu in Kenya, in the province of Migori, Nyanza region that includes the St. Camillus Mission Hospital and the Dala Kiye Orphans Centre. Love and compassion for needy children are the values around which all our initiatives revolve.

What we are doing

St. Camillus Hospital

St. Camillo missionary hospital was founded in 1997 by the religious congregation of the Camillians to offer the best care for the recovery of health to the most needy people, without distinction of faith or social condition.

We are committed to putting more heart into our hands.

San Camillo de Lellis

From the despair, desolation and slaughter of orphaned and vulnerable children to rays of hope and sustainable livelihoods within their community.

F. Emilio Balliana

Dala Kiye Orphans Centre

Dala Kiye Orphans Centre was founded in 1999 to develop and implement concrete, actionable projects aimed at protecting the rights of children orphaned by the AIDS/HIV pandemic and their communities.

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How to Support

Support the activities of the San Camillo Missionary Hospital and the Dala Kiye Orphans Center in Karungu.

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Volunteering at the Mission

A working and human experience at our mission of the Order of Camillians.

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Give a future and a smile to orphaned children living in Karungu.