St. Camillus Dala Kiye

The San Camillo Dala Kiye (Home for Orphans in dholuo) is an organization born in 1999 from a deep Christian faith and is based on its fundamental principles. Love and compassion for needy children are the values around which all his initiatives revolve.

The organization takes initiative from the mission of the Order of Camillians. The institute is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in the division of Karungu, Migori district, Nyanza province in the Republic of Kenya.

St. Camillus Dala Kiye

The program of Dala Kiye arose as a result of the disconcerting situation experienced in the hospital St. Camillus where a large number of terminal patients suffering from AIDS died leaving their children alone. The number of deaths is constantly increasing not only within the hospital, but also in the entire community: the number of young people abandoned to themselves is constantly increasing. These children have been and still are marginalized and destined for a desperate and precarious life.

This situation prompted the St. Camillus Dala Kiye Orphans’ Centre to start a recovery project in 2001; in July 2002 was then registered at the Social Services Department of the district of Migori as an institution of charity and social assistance for children affected and infected with AIDS.

The organization is non-profit and has no political tendencies in its initiatives. Its projects and programmes depend on both funding and material resources made available by non-governmental organisations. Projects are designed and developed with donor supervision after a study of the basic needs of the community. The organization prepares economic reports with particular reliability and transparency in agreement with donors. The program includes several projects for orphans: one modeled on family care, one on adoptive families and one for the care of HIV-positive children.

Facilities built for the program include:

  • A building equipped with offices, meeting room, library, auditorium and lavatories
  • A canteen equipped and set up to accommodate up to 300 children, with an adjacent laundry room and a warehouse
  • 6 homes fostering 60 HIV-positive children
  • Sports facilities suitable for both children and adults. There are changing rooms, facilities for ball games and athletics
  • The public primary and secondary school, B.L. Tezza, welcomes and offers an adequate education to the orphans of Dala Kiye.

In accordance with its objectives and goals, the Dala Kiye studies, develops and implements concrete projects that can be implemented and targeted not only at children but also at the entire community. Each activity ascertains the rights and needs of the community through methods of integration. The projects are formulated in accordance with the dictates of national legislation, policy and action plans for the protection of children’s rights in Kenya. The programme is implemented following a consultation process involving all donors.

The director of the program coordinates the entire educational group of the project and is the main administrator of each initiative of the St. Camillus mission. The educational team consists of competent professionals: they are responsible for the administration, grants, management and implementation of projects. Other personnel have the task of carrying out the various phases of the project.


The Dala Kiye project has a vision of orphan children fully integrated into the normal life of the community: a life that offers needy children the opportunity to recognize and understand their abilities in order to make them capable of creating a better future.


The mission of the program is to mobilize and engage the entire community to allow orphans, and those most at risk of HIV/AIDS, to improve their quality of life, increase the chances of surviving the AIDS pandemic and becoming active members within their communities.


Dala Kiye’s scope is to stem the damage caused by HIV/AIDS to the community.


The project will contribute to a first objective of improving the quality of life by means of compassionate assistance and concrete assistance to 60 orphan children suffering from HIV/AIDS.