AWAKE Prevention and control of HIV/AIDS

A group of people working together to prevent and control HIV/AIDS along the shores of Lake Victoria.

This project started in May 2003 to cope with the severe HIV/AIDS crisis that particularly and massively affects the province of South Nyanza, Kenya, where the St. Camillus M. Hospital.

The project aims to offer educational programs to different institutions and groups of people, such as schools, ecclesial and religious communities, fishermen and fishmongers, truck and matatu drivers and the civil community in general.

The aim of the project is to increase informationi of both individuals, families and population in general, about the prevention and knowledge of HIV infection, promoting understanding and understanding, so that we can improve the quality of life. The aim is to underline the importance of human dignity and the civil rights of every person.

The action of the operators mainly involves the training of leaders of different religious and social groups, able in turn to convey the message of understanding and knowledge about communication, sexuality and ways of avoiding the transmission of HIV to other individuals. In addition, positive people are educated, to a serene acceptance of those who live in the same situation.

Leaders are trained to be open and sincere in order to educate other people, for a lasting and continuous discussion on AIDS.
To achieve this, the AWAKE group will monitor the activities of the different subgroups to verify their function.
Training and refresher courses are held.
The group undertakes to have more contact with other agencies, for an exchange of programmes and information.