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School Hisory

The school is governmental, but the state of Kenya, like many other developing countries, does not have the necessary resources to finance the school infrastructure for the entire national territory, especially in rural and peripheral areas such as Kopala. Fundraising activities within the local community (harambee) are often unsuccessful: the spread of AIDS in the area is significantly impoverishing the community, whose adult members, source of family income, they die, leaving children orphaned and without resources even for the sole subsistence.

The school began its activity in 1979 on the initiative of the local people, with a simple structure of mud and straw. Subsequently, thanks to the project and with the support of the local community, a masonry structure was built for all 8 classes, now also complete with fixtures and furniture such as benches, chairs, shelves.

Project Kopala teaching material (ITALIAN ONLY)

Descrizione del Progetto

The objective of the project was to restructure and provide teaching materials for a primary school of about 342 pupils, of whom 142 were orphans, the majority of whom did not have the necessary resources to access primary education.

Renovation and completion of the building.

The aim of the project was to restructure and complete the 5 permanent structure classes and the 3 classes still located in a dilapidated structure. The intervention has made the school accessible, in very precarious conditions and to a large extent not accessible during the rainy season, facilitating a regular process of school learning.

The school is located near the social/health facilities run by the Camillian missionaries, the St. Camillus Dala Kiye, a shelter for orphans, and the St. Camillus Mission Hospital.

The project has therefore provided the local community of Kopala with an adequate structure where to establish the primary school, complete with teaching material, favoring a regular learning process for all its students.

Kopala School Renovation Project (ITALIAN ONLY)

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