Below are our bank details to aid you channel to us your donations.

Kindly notify our office whenever you send any money into these accounts through the following e-mail add


Bank Name: Diamond Trust Bank
Branch Name; Kisii Branch
Bank code: 63
Branch code: 010
Account Name: st. Camillus Mission Hospital
Account Number: 0481237012


Conto Ospedali Missionari Kenya
for info: Dott. Rossetti Giovanni –
In Switzerland this contribution is tax allowable.

Banca Raiffeisen del Generoso, 6822 Arogno
No Conto : 23387.40
IBAN/Currency : CH 48 8028 7000 0023 3874 0 / CHF

Always mark the description: Karungu Mission


Fondazione PRO.SA Onlus
In Italy this contribution is tax allowable.

C.C.B Banca Unicredit
IBAN: IT 68 J 02008 01600 000102346939

Always mark the description: Karungu Orphans

In Italy it is also possible to donate 5×1000 to the orphans of Karungu.
A number and a signature that can change the lives of so many people.
Fondazione Pro.Sa Onlus – 97301140154

U.S.A o altre nazioni – via Western Union

Cash transfer via Western Union
A Fr. Emilio Balliana

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