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Christmas 2022 at Dala Kiye

Here is the December 2022edition of the Saint-Camille Dala Kiye Newsletter.

December marks the last month of the year, celebrations will be held at the Dala Kiye center, and on the 19th December, the children will depart to join their families for the Christmas Holidays. The 25th of December over 2 billion people around the world will be celebrating the birth of Christ. Depending where you find yourself there are different traditions to celebrate this moment. You may be surrounded by Christmas trees, a choir singing traditional songs, rushing through stores and shopping malls to buy presents for your loved ones. Christmas Day marks the Winter solstice and it is usually attributed to cold weather in Europe and in the West. In this part of the globe, more precisely in Karungu, the dry season is just starting so it is no typical Christmas for us here. The sun rays are warm, the land seems dry already and it is not really custom to see many Christmas decorations around. In St. Camillus M. Hospital of course we have installed our Christmas lights as well as the nativity of Christ. To all of you, remember it is not the gifts that make your Christmas special, but rather Jesus’ spirit.

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