The St. Emilio Marjan Nursery School in Nyamanga is a community initiative to give access to quality basic education and community development to children who cannot attend other, more distant primary schools. The school started its activity in 2003 and was officially registered in 2004 (N. Mig 07669/2004).

The structures, once completely made of sheet metal and earth floor, hindered the learning process, because both teachers and children were subject to frequent disturbances: dust, excessive heat and insects, attacked the respiratory tract, creating skin infections and carrying lice.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic and its devastating impact also deeply undermined the community’s economy and livelihoods and development.

The project has improved the structure of the school by creating a truly educational environment.

The old buildings have been demolished giving way to new permanent buildings that include: classrooms, teacher’s room, kitchen and veranda, latrines, storage and water cistern.

Through efforts to integrate community development with education and the fight against HIV/AIDS, kindergarten has become an institution and a point of reference for all children in the community who are already hard hit, directly or indirectly, by HIV/AIDS.

Renovation Project (Italian only)