New children at Dala Kiye foster houses 2020

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Dala Kiye


Aphline was born on 28 August 2015 in the village of Gombe in Mbita. Aphline is the last of 7 children. She is an orphan, her father is a fisherman. She is enrolled in the ART therapy of St. Camillus. We’re glad you could finally join the Dala Kiye family. We believe that here you will be happy because you will interact with other children of your age, who are facing the same problems. She can go to school and get proper nutrition.


Emmanuel was born on 17 April 2009 in the village of Miria, Homabay County. He is the last of two children. He lost his parents because of HIV, he’s a total orphan and also HIV-positive. He started the ART therapy immediately after diagnosis on April 17, 2012. Emmanuel lived in a dilapidated house, without health care, with a shortage of food, far from water and school. For all these reasons Emmanuel was admitted to the Dala Kiye and attends the primary school B.L. Authority.


Emily comes from the village of Aloma, in the division of Karungu. She was born on September 22, 2007, into a family of four, and since then has been enrolled in the ST’s ART program. Camillus. Emilly lived with her grandmother until her death and then returned to live with her father. Being a widower and having other children to look after, he has applied for Emilly’s admission to the Dala Kiye so that his daughter can have a better life.


Shalton comes from the village of Lwala Rabuor in Migori County, Nyatike District. He was born on January 1, 2010. Shalton’s mother died of AIDS. He is a partial orphan and his father takes care of him. Shalton lived in a poor environment with poor hygiene and food, and his health began to deteriorate with little adherence to medication. Currently Shalton enjoys the comfort of Dala Kiye’s lodges and is nourished in a balanced way.


Judith was born on May 11, 2010. She comes from the village of Sero, Homabay County.  Her mother died on 25 March 2012 and moved in with her grandmother because her father was unable to take care of her.  On 5 April 2012, she was enrolled in the program ART. Judith was admitted to Dala Kiye on 30 January 2020.  Attend the primary school B.L.Tezza.