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Inauguration of B. L. Tezza Complex School marked the first ever-grand occasion of appreciating the education of orphaned children in Migori district. This was evidenced by the numbers of various categories of guests and community members who thronged the refreshing compound of B. L. Tezza Complex School on its inauguration. The Camillian Community, also the hosting sponsor, was massively represented and led the occasion cheerfully and colorfully.

At 11:00 am, the day began on a high note by celebrating a Holy Mass, which was conducted by Rev. Fr. Paul Guarise who is the Camillian Delegate in Kenya, assisted by Fr. Alessandro who is the superior of Camillian Community in Karungu and Fr. Emilio who is the Dala Kiye Program director. Among those who were present were: Camillian Community Members as the hosting sponsors, Br. Luca Perletti a special guest from Italy, District Education Officer Migori was the guest of honor, District Children’s Officer Migori, 6 provincial administrators, the District Development Officer Migori, 4 Heads of Secondary schools in Karungu Division, 32 Heads of primary schools in Karungu Division, 264 orphans enrolled in the school, 135 Parents and caregivers of the orphaned children enrolled in the school and Over 200 community members, both young and old, men and women, invited or not. The pupils and teachers of B. L. Tezza Complex School led the Holy Mass hymns. Rev. Fr. Paul Guarise gave soul touching summon from three Bible readings; Acts 1:1-11, Ephesians 1:17-23 and Mathew 28:19-20. He also gave a moving life history of Blessed Louis Tezza after whom the school is named. He emphasized that the Karungu community around should corporate with the Camillian community to assist orphans as provided in the word of God. Finally he gave his last blessings to the congregation. As the day was growing older, the ceremony became more interesting when an interlude of thrilling songs, dances and verses by pupils took stage. This was intended to end the Mass and usher the speeches. Rev. Fr. Emilio, being the host opened the speeches by giving a visionary speech, expressing his commitment to improve the lives of orphans. He expressed his gratitude to the community and some personalities who contributed towards the birth of the school. He officially confirmed to the congregation that the school is a registered public school and will be managed under Dala Kiye Program in Consistency with the provisions of the Ministry of Education. Guests also had something to tell. In appreciation, they encouraged the sponsors to continue helping the orphans in Karungu. Thanked them for the work done in Karungu; the Mission Hospital, Dala Kiye Welfare Home and B. L. Tezza complex school. All the guests who made speeches, one after another congratulated the Camillian Community for their quality services in all the facilities. Br. Luca Perletti gave a speech that had lots of encouragements to the people to be sympathetic to orphans and provide basic human needs to them taking care not to indulge in immoralities causing death havocs. In return, the community leaders promised to step up security, co-operation and to cultivate peace and tranquility between the community members and the Camillian Community. At 3:00 pm, it was not yet enough, such that the inauguration of the school had to be extended to Dala Kiye for the congregation to appropriate the full hospitality of the host. In Dala Kiye dinning hall, the guests, and all those who attended the ceremony were systematically ushered in for meals and drinks to their utmost pleasure. Before the day could close, guests were further accorded a sleeping dose of songs; poems and dances from pupils and Maasai morans. After the display of martial arts skills, Fr. Emilio gave a high closing remark, thanking everybody, appreciating the efforts of the facilitation team and blessing all The long awaited day, well celebrated and materialized closed at 4:30 pm; as everyone nodded that it is well done. Be blessed. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

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